Capital T quilt block lights up the night on Eden Lane

IMG_0045 (686x800)IMG_0044 (634x800)

Inspired by quilt blocks along the Lake County Quilt Trail, Ken Tomlison went a step further with a 70s’ style blacklight poster, complete with fluorescent neon paint. Anna Marie and Ken chose Captital T to represent the four Tomlinsons, each in their own favorite color.

The family wanted more space and a few acres when they moved from the caretaker’s house at the Sterling Caviar fish farm in 1997. “We found a piece of paradise on Eden Lane,” says Anna Marie.  Her cobalt blue T matches the trim on her house as well as her collection of cobalt blue glass in her kitchen.

The best view is from 2nd Street, just south of Eden Lane. Drive by after dark to see the blacklight effect.

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