Rio Linda Elverta September 16, 2017 Country Faire

The ladies of the RLEQP proudly rode on their float in the Rio Linda Elverta Country Fair. The ladi  es even showed off their chicken legs. Later they manned a booth explaining the quilt trail project and promoting barn quilt for everyone. It was a fun community event. There were contests for biggest vegetables, weeds, flowers, music and lots of craft and food booths.


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LIBRARY QUILT    June 17, 2017


We dedicated the Rio Linda library barn quilt today! It is 8 feet square and two-sided. The first side is the Little Red Hen story quilt. It’s the librarian Sally’s favorite story and, of course, Rio Linda is known for chickens. The second side is a bookshelf full of books that were “sold ” to people and businesses in town as a fundraiser for the Friends of the Rio Linda Library and Rio Linda Elverta Quilt Trail project. It also honors the winners of our Kid’s Quilt Design contest held at the Rio Linda Elverta Country Faire, September 2016. And winners of the library’s centennial celebration quiche contest! There are a few books still available for supporters 😉

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Wally the Walnut Tree

wally fall all wally with whole group

This very special project pays tribute to Wally the Walnut, the Legacy Award Winning Tree from the Sacramento Tree Foundation, and possibly the largest walnut tree in the Sacramento Valley Region. Flying geese cross a harvest moon above Wally’s fall foliage, and on the opposite side, Wally’s spring leaves brighten City Park on Elkhorn Blvd. From left to right in the first photo, Sharon King (back) Deb Crowe, Audrey Medina, Sandy Sanders, Susan Trautman, and Ana Marie Tomlinson.

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Water Skier


Elinor Anklin and George Harsch chose a very wavy Galaxy block to represent the Bell Acqua Water Ski Lakes at 1048 Ski Park Court in Rio Linda. The ski park hosts national and international competitions and nearby homeowners can enjoy waterfront property and water ski lessons right out their own back door.

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Carpenter’s Wheel


Carpenter’s wheel shows the flowers in Sharon and Randy King’s yard at 7420 Dry Creek Road. Sharon, a retired high school art teacher, serves as our resident art advisor, and used her talent to show zinnias, pansies, and poppies. She included leaves from the periwinkle that covers her lawn with batik-like textures done in green fading to blue. The center is surrounded by 4 plaid square reminiscent of an old plate that she dug up in the yard. This block is an experiment, says Sharon, with metalics and gel pens. If they fade, Sharon intends to paint over the areas with exterior flat paint and seal it. “I’ll never know  if they will work outside till I try it, kind of the artist/carpenter/craftsman attitude of making something new.”

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1943 Farmall Tractor


Vicki Van Steyn chose a very patriotic way to show her tractor pride at 5808 W. 6th Street in Rio Linda.

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Arabian Horse Block

.Sanders installed

Drive by 443 W. Ascot Ave for a look at Sandy and Archie Sanders Arabian Horse quilt block on the side of the barn.  The Sanders built their Rio Linda home in 1974, where  Archie, a retired Rio Linda teacher, could live near work, and Sandy could enjoy riding and showing her Arabian horse.

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Elverta Feed Store

e market 2IMG_0219 IMG_0218

The feed store is a popular stop in this rural town, and they have all the supplies you’ll need for your farm and garden. The quilt block sports all of the critters that the store feeds, and a lot of fine hand painting by artist Sharon King added a lot of character to the animals on this very special block. Swing by the store on Rio Linda Blvd., just north of Elkhorn.

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Rio Linda Chickens, Corn and Crows, and Interlocking Triangles

2014 march 1062014 march 108 (800x762) (2)2014 march 103IMG_0060 (800x600)


When the Crowes wanted to expand their garden  into a farm, they found a place with plenty of room for animals just up the street from the house where Debra grew up. The Lazy Crow, like many old farms in the area, has become a Rio Linda homestead, with lambs, goats, a large garden, and chickens, of course.

Debra Crowe, founder of the Rio Linda Elverta Quilt Trail Project, couldn’t wait to design her own quilt blocks after seeing barn quilts on a trip to Nebraska. The large shop next to her house quickly became headquarters for the Project, and quilt blocks are now popping up all over town.

The Rio Linda Chicken quilt block represents Rio Linda’s history as a major egg and poultry producer, and the wide variety of local chicken breeds and colors.

Corn and Crows was inspired by a quilt made by her mother, Barbara, and represents the the three members of the Crowe family and their farm.

Interlocking Triangles makes a fine addition to the home’s entrance on West 4th Street.

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The Road to California, Flying Geese and Log Cabin


IMAG1477 (516x800)2014 march 115 (800x600)



A Log Cabin with a warm hearth, surrounded by Flying Geese, and The Road to California helps tell Barbara Florian’s story. Moving to Rio Linda from Nebraska in 1967, the eight members of the Florian family settled into one of the original farm houses in the area. The blue strip in The Road to California represents the Air Force, and Vince Florian’s long military career. Barbara, a master quilter and member of the Rio Linda Elverta Elder Craftsmen, often escapes to the mountains to enjoy the peace and quiet by the hearth in her own cabin high in the Sierra Nevada.



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