Rio Linda Chickens, Corn and Crows, and Interlocking Triangles

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When the Crowes wanted to expand their garden  into a farm, they found a place with plenty of room for animals just up the street from the house where Debra grew up. The Lazy Crow, like many old farms in the area, has become a Rio Linda homestead, with lambs, goats, a large garden, and chickens, of course.

Debra Crowe, founder of the Rio Linda Elverta Quilt Trail Project, couldn’t wait to design her own quilt blocks after seeing barn quilts on a trip to Nebraska. The large shop next to her house quickly became headquarters for the Project, and quilt blocks are now popping up all over town.

The Rio Linda Chicken quilt block represents Rio Linda’s history as a major egg and poultry producer, and the wide variety of local chicken breeds and colors.

Corn and Crows was inspired by a quilt made by her mother, Barbara, and represents the the three members of the Crowe family and their farm.

Interlocking Triangles makes a fine addition to the home’s entrance on West 4th Street.

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